January 1st, 2015

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2014 in Review

(Not a return to fandom, just memorializing some things. ^_^)

Words written in 2014: 75,814 in fic (by AO3's count) over 22 fics varying from a 296-word drabble to a 21k monster that I dropped unfinished (I'd only gotten four chapters in!) AO3 also informs me that the vast majority of these fics were under 6000 words long, and that my two long works (a 19k complete fic and a 21k abandoned fic) are the great bulk of my fic output.

Translations written in 2014: Counting the pages/entries on this, I have done:
Seirin: 57 audio clips
Kaijou: 35 audio clips
Shuutoku: 34 audio clips
Touou: 10 audio clips
Extras: 11 audio clips

Grand total: 147 audio clips.

*stares at both statistics* I did all that translating in LESS THAN SIX MONTHS and all that writing in less than EIGHT MONTHS. Simultaneously--those periods overlap 100%. I haven't included any of the meta I wrote in that period, either. O_o No wonder I was burning out so fast.

Anyway. An interesting way to end. I always liked going out with a bang, not a whimper... ^_^

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