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Remember the 5 questions meme I did a while back? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Got tagged by chez_maltesers (accidentally, actually--I forgot to tell her there wasn't a need to make me some questions), but she asked some really interesting questions, and so I decided to answer them! (Not much else to do during this break besides work, and I'm a little tired of that ...)

01. What are your earliest memories of? Learning English at my mother's knee. I have memories of picture books, and books with letters, and I can also recall an illustrated Litttle Red Riding Hood. I believe that was my first book! (There is also a memory of me looking out at into the backyard at the butterflies flitting amongst my mother's Japanese roses, my fingers curled around the painted black steel grille. I don't know which one is earlier.)

02. If you could only choose one, would you travel Europe by train or North America? And what interests you about trains so much? XD Europe, for the different trains. Every country has different ones! ^_^ And the systems are different too. (I enjoy figuring out closed systems.) What interests me so much about trains? Maybe just the whole enjoyment of travelling. I wonder if I'd have joined some sort of caravan or sailing ship, had I been born earlier. (But they wouldn't have let a woman on board then, would they?)

03. What story are you most proud of writing and why? My gut instinct is to reply "Every single one of the reward fics I wrote for guessing me in blind_go round three." There isn't a single one of them I would do a rewrite of in any way, shape, or form. Also, in a strange sort of way, I'm proud of Rude Awakening, the only Genshiken fic I've ever written. Funny, because there has been to date exactly ONE proper comment about this fic and its writing, and it was made over IM by readerofasaph. Even then, I still like it and am somewhat proud of it, and I have no idea why.

But I'm sure you wanted an answer in your own fandom! This is a really difficult question because I could go on about a lot of stories. For all the popularity of Twenty Things About Seigaku, though, and all the affection I have for my PoT fics, I have to say there isn't anything I'm particularly proud of for PoT. I have a number of PoT WIPs right now that I think are better than what I've done in the past, and I keep writing PoT, but for some reason writing PoT just doesn't give me the satisfaction I get from writing Nodame or Hikago, and I haven't figured out why. (I'm also trying to do this fic without reading my master list, because if I can't think of it off-hand I probably didn't care all that much for it!) But.

*gives up, looks, and shakes her head* Nope, I can't find anything I'd hold up and go, "This one is perfect". Every one I read, I keep thinking, "I can do better". If we must, then right now, Windrunner is my favorite PoT fic. I shall not go into what's wrong with the fic, including the lack of a proper structure/narrative, because I really really enjoyed writing Fuji communing with the wind. I might do more in that AU one day, because writing that was sheer fun. <3 I also love writing The Adventures of Kunimitsu and Marilyn, also because they're just so much fun to create. Marilyn is fanon I would gladly accept as canon. Better stop here or I'll start re-hashing EVERY one of my fics, and we'll be here all night/day/week/month/year.

04. How many books do you own? :3 I hit the record in high school with so many boxes I was having trouble storing them. A guesstimate would be about 200 (personal collection--my father has a small library of his own, and I don't include his books in mine, though I've read a lot of those). Since then I have given a LOT away, and have sold 10 books for every two I buy. I went to college in America in 2001, about two weeks before September 11 happened. Since then I have been living a seriously nomadic life for the past 7 years, and I have not stayed in one place for longer than a year until now. If we include my moves during my college years, I have moved about 14 times since then (seven after graduation, including two international moves). I have lived in this apartment building for exactly one year now, and it has been the longest I have stayed put in one place since September 2001.

All this moving around leads to one not wanting to own any books because the whole moving around thing is so painful to deal with. Unpacking and re-packing books? Ten more times? *weeps* NO THANK YOU. Maybe if I finally settle down I'll start buying books again. In the meantime, as Tokyo is not a very good source of English language books at the library, I have to settle for making them last somehow. Even though I say this, I still own about 20 books at the moment (though I've sent some home to my siblings so they can read them too).

05. Where do you see yourself living in ten years? Excellent question. I don't even know where I'll be living next year. I like Japan, but after seven years of being so nomadic it's difficult to see myself staying in this country that long. I really couldn't tell you what tomorrow will bring. (And people wonder why I have a hard time with relationships?)

Seigaku Meme
♥♥♥♥epigrammist loves me. That's why she made me the Seigaku version of the BIG MEME. ♥♥♥♥

01. What’s your name?

02. What’s your Seigaku experience?
I flirt with the other schools, but I'm a Seigaku girl through and through.

03. What made you fall for the school?
I saw the regulars walk in in episode 3 of the anime. That was it for me. And every single time I saw Tezuka I fell further in love. <3

04. Who do you like best in Seigaku?
Tezuka. Tezuka. Tezuka. (I enjoy Fuji and Eiji separately though!)

05. What’s Seigaku's charm point?
Tezuka, but he'd object (privately) to being compared with Atobe's mole.

06. What do you call Fuji Shuusuke?

07. Is his personality “Black” or “White”?
It's actually a little gray, don't you think? White with a touch of gray.

08. All the others have funky nicknames. What would you call Fuji (besides "tensai")?
Fujiko? Shuu-chan? I dunno, I'd call Fuji "Fuji".

09. How do you think Seigaku regulars feel after losing their (own) match?
I think it would depend on who it was. I wrote about Tezuka's feelings in Afterwards. The match with Hyoutei was hard-fought and Tezuka had nothing to be ashamed of. But the one with Sanada ... I think Tezuka wishes he hadn't lost. Because it's his last match, and whatever you think of anything ... you want to win your last one.

10. Please write your overall opinion about Fuji Shuusuke.
Sweet guy, caring and considerate, but with a hidden playful streak that the other regulars are afraid to encourage too much. He has a wicked sense of humor when he wants to use it.

11. What do you call buchou Tezuka Kunimitsu?
Tezuka. But I use Kunimitsu when writing the Adventures of Kunimitsu and Marilyn AU. He was too young to bear the weight of the family name then, though he was definitely working on earning it! They start calling him Tezuka-kun sometime during kindergarten, instead of Kunimitsu-kun or Kuni-kun or anything like that.

12. Would you like to try receiving his glare?
*laughs* It would make me cry. I'd rather not. To get someone like Tezuka Kunimitsu glaring at you, you'd have to have done something really bad! That, or be Fuji.

13. Is he really a junior high student?
You know, I wonder that myself. I'd love for him not to be. <3

14. What was your very first impression of him?
One look and you know he's the captain. "Bet he's Mr Perfect." And he was!

15. Please write your overall opinion about Tezuka Kunimitsu.
Wonderful to look at from afar. I don't know if I ever want to find out he's human. After having crushed on this animated character for something like four years, I think I'd be absolutely heartbroken.

16. What do you call Inui Sadaharu?

17. What was your impression when we finally saw past his glasses?
I laughed. No way! I expected him to have pretty boring eyes, not pretty-boy ones like that!

18. Which one do you prefer (blank glasses, or being able to see his eyes)?
Blank glasses. I'm too used to them.

19. What would you do if Little Sadaharu (Inui Sadaharu in his childhood) was wandering about?
Stare. Little kid wandering about with those huge glasses and that notebook ... probably just try not to catch his attention.

20. Please write your overall opinion about Inui Sadaharu.
He's interesting, definitely! But does he have to do that juice thing so often? T_T (Like Fuji, he just likes watching people run away from them, I suspect.)

21. What do you call Oishi Shuuichirou?

22.Why do you think he is called "The Mother of Seigaku"?
All that worrying over everyone else!

23. Do you approve of his haircut?
Er, well ... it's certainly unique!

24. How do you think he and Eiji manage to pull themselves together under all sorts of difficult situations?
It's all about trust, and I bet they spend a lot of time together doing non-tennis stuff like studying, or they talk a lot about other things. Doesn't have to be sexual--think that Scrubs video Guy Love. <3

25. Please write your overall opinion about Oishi Shuuichirou.
I used to think he was such a sweet guy, and definitely marriage material ... then that yakiniku thing happened, and whoa. O_o SCARY.

26. What do you call Kikumaru Eiji?

27. Where do you think he comes from?
... he's not from Tokyo? I thought he was. Kanagawa then?

28. Have you ever thoughtlessly used words like “Nya" in daily conversations?

29. Are there any recommendations about Kikumaru Eiji? (From which to which page...)
The entirety of his singles game. Also, Doubles For Three.

30. Please write your overall opinion about Kikumaru Eiji.
Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce. (But that's just what he shows to everyone else because he's a mascot like that.)

31. What do you call Momoshiro Takeshi?

32. If Momoshiro Takeshi were to pair up with someone, who would you like it to be?
As a doubles team or as a romantic pair? Doubles-wise, I think he does well with Kaidoh. Het romance would probably be An, or someone we don't know. I support MomoRyo, MomoKai, and ... gosh anyone else who could be paired realistically.

33. What is Momoshiro Takeshi's image color/logo/mascot?
Purple, and I keep thinking about his hair and that big grin he has. ^_^ He's his own best mascot.

34. Is he able to go on a diet?
Momo? You'd kill him! Well, I mean, he eats because he's hungry, and he sure doesn't look like he's getting fat.

35. Please write your overall opinion about Momoshiro Takeshi.
Very cool guy. Probably the best "date" among them, to be honest.

36. What do you call Kaidou Kaoru?

37. What are Kaidou Kaoru's good points?
Very respectful guy, knows his place. (Bit too much obsequity though.)

38. What do you think about his hair/bandana?
Hey, it's up to him. ^_^ Bet it looks cooler in real life than it does in the manga.

39. It is a bit off-topic, but his dad is...?
Most definitely genetically his father.

40. Please write your overall opinion about Kaidou Kaoru.
Very nice kid. If I were a fan of the quiet type I'd go for him instead of Momo.

41. What do you call Echizen Ryoma?
Sometimes Echizen, sometimes Ryoma. Depends on whether I'm thinking like one of the characters-who-call-him-Echizen.head, or in everyone else's head.

42. What was your first impression of him?
Snarky brat. *chuckle*

43. What would you do if you had a kouhai just like Echizen Ryoma?
Depends. We'd probably have a Kawamura-Echizen sort of relationship. Neutral and all.

44. Can Seigaku count on Echizen Ryoma next year?
To win S1, yes. As a captain? I think Momo or Kaidoh would be a much better choice. Heck, Katsuo would do better.

45. Please write your overall opinion about Echizen Ryoma.
Great skills. Just wants to do his own thing, but I like how he goes along with the rest of them when they force him to. *laugh*

(Adding in a section for Taka-san...but too lazy to change the rest of the numbers. XD)
45.1 What do you call Kawamura Takashi?

45.2 What do you think happens with his personality when he goes into "Burning" mode (how would you explain it)?
Is it like a security blanket? You know, like people change when they go online and they're nothing but an internet handle?

45.3 What do you think is/are Kawamura Takashi's greatest regret(s)?
Having to choose between tennis and sushi.

45.4 Would you want Kawamura Takashi as an older brother?
YES. I love yummy food.

45.5 Please write your overall opinion about Kawamura Takashi.
What a nice guy. A bit misplaced in the Seigaku circus, really. (Then again, when he's BURNING BABY you know just why he's there.)

46. What is your favorite scene of the show?
... can I say anything with Tezuka?

47. Have you registered the word "Seigaku" so that it is converted in one shot?
In my IME? Oh yeah.

48. Do you contribute to the Seigaku fandom?
I write a lot. ^_^

49. What made you want to do it?
I used to be a lurker. Then there was this craze where everyone and their mother was writing "20 things about X". I waited and waited for one for Seigaku that I liked, especially Tezuka. Nothing appeared, and I finally gave up and wrote Twenty Things About Seigaku myself in 2005. I've been writing ever since.

50. Since when have you been active (in the Seigaku fandom)?
I've always been an active commenter when reading fics. Er, sometime around 2004, I suppose, when the subs stalled and I just couldn't stand it any more.

51. Has the number of devotees (fans) increased?
Decreased. T_T

52. Has anything changed?
It used to be a really welcoming place. I don't get that vibe anymore.

53. What were the good things you got from contributing to the fandom?
FRIENDS. A lot of them. *hearts all of you*

54. On the other hand, was there any occasion you found yourself upset?
I discovered how much angst one can have over the number of comments to a fic. Good times.

55. By the way, does your family know about this?
Sort of. They don't really care. My baby sister writes a lot, though. She posts on FFN as Amirrel.

56. Are there any pairings you like?
Anything with Tezuka will get me looking at it at least once. Besides that, there are too many--if it makes sense I have no objections. (Even if it doesn't, I might read it anyway, since I once read and recced an Inui/Eiji.)

57. Who are the easiest to write?

58. What about the hardest ones?

59. Please tell us your best masterpiece!
... I don't have ONE. Er, I think right now I'm happiest with Windrunner.

60. On the other hand, are there any works you were hesitant about whether to share or not?
Yes. Most of my gift fics for exchanges. I don't have very good skills writing on demand. I think I may stop entering them, because every time I do so I feel like I'm letting the recipient down, as hard as I try.

61. Who was the first character you wrote?
Tezuka. (See a pattern here?)

62. How long does it take for you to finish writing a fic?
Depends. Drabbles take less than 30 minutes sometimes. 1000 words might take an hour or two. Sometimes it takes a LOT longer.

63. What do you think when writing a fic?
I have it in my head, and I'm trying to tell you just what I'm seeing in my head as I write. I see a movie in my head, you see, and I hear the narration or the words as I write them. It's very audio/visual, to be honest.

64. How much time do you devote to Seigaku?
A lot. ^_^; I'm trying to cut back.

65. Manga? Anime? Jump? Radio?
I spend most of my time on fic, actually.

66.Are there any schools you like besides Seigaku?
Sure. There aren't any schools I hate.

67. Since the end is close, please claim all the love you have for Seigaku.
How can I? Mine is a giving sort of love? <3 *hearts and bubbles, loves*

68. Is there anything you’d like to say to the author, Konomi Takeshi-sensei?
Thank you for creating Tezuka. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

69. For you, the school called “Seishun Gakuen” is...?
Irreplaceable. <3

70.Congratulations on answering all the 70(.5) questions! Please leave a final message here!
THANK YOU, JUN/epigrammist, for making the questionnaire! <3 <3 <3

ETA: Spam Makes The World Go Round
shiorikazen: *cackles* I just have to say that on busy days, I read on a filter which has everything but Ai. Then I go to Ai's journal and read the posts. XD You know, breaking up the posts I have to read into 2 'piles' makes it easier. :P
aiwritingfic: *laughing*
aiwritingfic: i know
aiwritingfic: it's okay, you're not the only person who does that
aiwritingfic: i'm actually amazed people actually come back to read me separately
shiorikazen: XD Did that once I realised that on any given day, half the posts = ai-posts :P
aiwritingfic: *rofls* <3
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