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Hello! Please call me Ai. This LJ is a mirror of my main fandom journal, which is on Dreamwidth: I'm [personal profile] love there.

This is a fandom journal--I don't read this friends list anymore, but I will continue to use this journal for fannish posts and to post fanfiction to apples_for_me. Feel free to friend/watch; you don't need my permission. ♥ If you are here for the fiction or fanfic, it's over at apples_for_me. ^_^ I'm always open to discussions, but I am anti-spoilers. Please check my anime list and manga list if you want to know what I've watched/am watching!

ETA: There are no direct/overt links from this journal to my "real" LJ out of this page to make sure Google or business acquaintances don't connect the dots: fandom people who are interested should feel free to ask me for my "real" LJ name through PM or e-mail. ♥

I'm Cherry, and I found you via FF.net

I was just wondering if you would like to friend me back, since we both like Prince of Tennis and I would love to be friends. ^^

Friend me back so we can fangirl? XD <3
Sure, I can friend you back! Just so you know, I never read using this blog anymore. ^_^; I'm distancing myself from fandom to move to original.
Ah~ that's too bad. T^T

Original fiction? Well that's good! ^^ If you ever post it anywhere, I'll be sure to read it. <3
^_^ If I make sales anywhere I will be announcing them, yes.

If you wanted to read my fics, they'll still be posted at apples_for_me, just so you know. Watching that might be the best way to go about it. I'm most active in Hikaru no Go fandom, but I still have a few PoT fics pending. Sadly, I'm unlikely to write anything new unless it's for a challenge or unless I'm suddenly struck by specific inspiration.
Oh I'll definitely watch that. <3

^^ Well, whatever strikes your fancy is okay with me. Teehee.
Hi! I love your fics -especially the Dragons of the Rising Sun AU because TEMERAIRE AU IT HAS DRAGONS and its so well done I can't wait for more! And one of your fics led me to read Let the Cables sleep by pixxers which was fantastic. And I just love your characterisations of tezuka- he is as human as the rest of us! (especially bby!tezuka and marilyn the dinosaur)

Btw I would also like to ask if Starting Over is ever gonna be updated? I just read (and re-read) all 16 chapters and it would make my month if it could be updated soon. The premise of the fic itself is highly interesting (regardless of pairings-even though i must say I'm a great fan of Atobe/Tezuka, and I'd like to see how their relationship progresses even if they don't end up together in the end.)

Anyways-in short I love your fics! Do continue writing! (you can contact me on tumblr my url is thelaziesthufflepuff@tumblr.com
♥ Thank you. I'm really happy to hear you like these fics! (I have a very soft spot for the Dragons of the Rising Sun AU, but I have to admit, grad school is kicking my butt so hard, I can't add to it. Not that I mind terribly, since I'm happy to wait for Naomi Novik to finish the series first!)

I'm very flattered, but I'm not the author of Starting Over. aishuu and I know each other, but we're not the same person. Ask her (or Jennifier D) about that fic!
Oops haha sorry for the mistake!

And for Dragons of the Rising Sun I keep thinking that Atobe would be one of those dragons that refuse to have a captain (BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIS MAGNIFICENCE) until he meets Tezuka but seeing that Tezuka's taken he just throws a royal tantrum and sulks in his jewelled pavillon while Sanada snorts and pulls Tezuka away. Maybe he'll end up with Ryoma and they'll defeat their opponents with combined snark or smth.
No worries--you're not the first to conflate Aishuu and myself. The "ai" bit in the name is confusing. I get to claim a right to it because my real name has "ai" in it, though!

Haha! Atobe probably WOULD be one of those... or would he be human, and Ryoma the dragon? ^_~ Would they even be paired? We'll never know... (or at least, not until I actually get my brain back. It'll take a few years.)
Haha so is your name Chinese or Japanese? I'm Chinese lol.

And I just like thinking of headcanons for your universe because its so much fun to play in! (Now I'm imagining born-a-girl!Tezuka who inherits Sanada cos there are no male heirs so she gets chosen and has to deal with everyone going 'A GIRL WHAT IS SHE GOOD ENOUGH' and of course she kicks ass with Sanada (and Sanada's like 'no i did not choose you because i had no choice, I chose you because YOU ARE WORTHY)

(I just really love genderswap-especially in fandoms like PoT where the cast is 99% male)

Other headcanons- Oishi is definitely in Tezuka's crew, until Eiji hatches then he has to leave but they are still good friends that visit each other so Eiji ends up sleeping on Sanada because (Eiji is a small dragon like Gakuto) he's comfortable and warm. And other dragons do this too. And Eiji would do so many acrobatic stunts in the air while Oishi holds on and tries not to scream too loudly.

And dragon!Ohtori and Shishido would be the best thing ever-Shishido gets stripped of his rank/dragon because of Plot (maybe he was found breaking rules or found to be Not Good Enough at harnessing Ohtori's potential) and so he works hard and cuts of his Long Beautiful Hair to prove his devotion and Ohtori threatens to eat anyone that disagrees. And Atobe throws in his support and the rest is history. (Shishido would make a lovely girl too-the haircut would mean more-and the determination yes)

And Atobe could be captain or dragon because dragons choose their captains he would end up with Jirou I guess if he were a dragon (because from canon all those people who will choose him voluntarily are all taken) or maybe Kabaji's the dragon the biggest and sweetest one despite not saying much.

If Atobe were a dragon he would have jewels everywhere and paintings of himself and bedeck his captain with ALL THE SHINY up to the point where Everyone in the air can see who's his captain. woe is his captain.

sorry for the long comment, your universe inspires me and i can't find anyone to talk to about it cos even if they heard of PoT, they haven't heard of Temeraire so yeah.
Chinese. ^_^

Haha! No worries, I understand. I'm really glad you like the crossover, though I can't take credit for what Naomi Novik and Konomi Takeshi did. ^_^
Haha Novik and Konomi may have created these universes, but you have fused them beautifully and brought the result to us so thanks! =D
This is weird... And stalkerish.... But I read&loved your tenipuri fanfic back in the day, and (here's the stalkerish part) I seem to remember seeing you mention that you read Chinese fanfic? If you still remember any, I would really appreciate some recs!

See, I'm trying to practice my (terrible) Chinese, but since my Chinese is bad I'm not sure which fanfics are ... you know.... properly written haha. I think we have similar taste in buchou dubcon in fanfic too, judging from what you've written...?
♥ Not weird and stalkerish at all. Sadly, I only read one Chinese fanfic, and I don't even remember it (someone else recced it to me YEARS AGO). ^_^; I know evaporate reads Chinese fics, though I'm not sure our tastes co-incide when it comes to fic. I'm sorry, I'm not very helpful when it comes to locating fic! (But hooray for another buchou dubcon fan! ♥)

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Oh well, I shall just go back to reading 鸣剑风云录 and its buchou noncon sidefic 日琉璃 then... God knows 鸣剑风云录 is long enough to occupy my Chinese-challenged self for years....