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Semi-Hiatus in Progress

Just an update on current RL things. I need to:
  • finish Super Sekrit Project (due August 9, but I am afraid I am likely to need an extension as it is projected to be at least 10k and I am less than 3k in…)

  • enjoy Loncon 3 (mid-August)

  • need to get a game soundtrack composed and produced before the end of summer in order to meet game launch deadline (I am only about 50% done, and this is due by the end of August)

  • survive tax extension season that overlaps with 3Q14 close (double the amount of work and no flex in the deadlines, oh joy)

It may not seem like it, but I have been on semi-hiatus for a month and it is going to continue about two months more at least. ^_^; I’ll get back to more regular translation and other posting as soon as life clears up.

(If you are going to be at Loncon 3, see if you can find me, and come say hello?)

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