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I am now at 14.4k, but I am very tired and sleepy, and my initial estimate of 15k now seems laughable—this story is NOT wrapping up in 600 words. Most of this will need editing and rewriting tomorrow too, which is my last real writing day. T_T In any case, to bed; tomorrow is the last stretch. This thing is getting posted on Sunday, dammit, even if I half-kill myself tomorrow (technically it is now “today”)

After all this… I really, really, REALLY hope people like the fic. ^_^;;;

For the record, my speed record used to be 5k over a weekend (S.A.I. and Seki no Kosumi, though technically those are still under-5k). However, my novella-length record was 21k in a month (Kise no Copy, which is unfinished and shouldn't be considered a novella when it's going to end up novel-length by the end, and a lot of which was written over winter break of grad school.)

I just wrote over 14k in 2 weeks on top of working full-time to boot, and my two weeks are not quite over yet. Over 10k of this fic was written in the last 5 days, including a chapter rewritten from scratch (I threw away most of last weekend's work as bad words that didn't advance the story.) However, I don't think this pace is sustainable; I'm about to die of stress. *fairly vibrating off her chair* T_T

[This post is just my excuse to give me somewhere to say that I wrote almost 15k in two weeks in every waking moment I was not working or eating/driving, and I am dying here… ^_^;;;;;;; LESS THAN 48 HOURS TO GO.]

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<3 Thanks. Technically it's 10k in 1 week (I wrote 7k last week but then had to discard down to 5k.) I'm ALMOST DONE but oh my god writing basketball is HARD.
It's still amazing! I'm lucky if I get 1000 words a day. Also, basketball is really difficult to write, so kudos to you!
I totally love and enjoy writing fanfiction, but I don't understand the time pressure you put on yourself. Wouldn't it be better and more enjoyable to take your time and produce something you're proud of? It seems you've sucked out all the enjoyment and made yourself stressed to boot. Is there a contest you wish to be a part of? Can't you post later?
Re: Why?
Ah, yeah, it's a joint project. Five writers, five fics. ^_^;;; And because posting is serial and almost-simultaneous, we all have to be ready to go, or we all wait five weeks. T_T I can't wait five weeks, I have too many things going on (tax season), and no one else needs five weeks--none of us want to be the reason the project is delayed that long. ^_^;;; So, pressure/pushing myself.

Honestly, the original requirements were just a fic of 2k. It's my own fault I had to write 20k. ^_^;;;;;;; And actually, I'm REALLY proud of what I managed to produce under the circumstances--I'm not sure I could have done better if I took my time!

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