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The Digital Pensieve


Tezuka header picture by Yamada D. Yonezoh ♥ colored by tininess

Hello! Please call me Ai. This is a fandom journal--I don't read this friends list anymore, but I will continue to use this journal for fannish posts and to post fanfiction to apples_for_me. I'm always open to discussions on fandoms, but I am vehemently anti-spoilers. Please check my anime list and manga list if you want to know what I've watched/am watching!

Contact Information
E-mail: future.skyline@REMOVETHISgmail.com ♠ AIM: aiwritingfic

My Fandom Blogs

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Introduction To AiThe Big Book MemeFanbook-style ProfileThe BIG Seigaku MemeHikago MemeAnime ListManga List

B&W rubber duckie Tezuka panel taken from a doujinshi by ETD ♥ scanned by kat8cha ♥ spot-colored by aiwritingfic

"If--" (Rudyard Kipling)

Tezuka Zone taken from starlightstorm's post here

Writing Is Like Playing Go
On Betas
Debuting in Fandom: A Refresher
Selling Fanwork For Charitable Causes